Electricity Supply

Valley Home Services Inc. and Ambit Energy Partnership

Valley Home Services Inc. has teamed up with Ambit Energy to offer ways to earn free energy! Want to save money on your electric bill and earn travel rewards? With competitive supply rates, no enrollment fee, and no contract, there are lots of reasons to enroll. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Sign Up
  2. Refer Friends and Family
  3. Get Credit on your electric bill!


  • Who is eligible to earn Free Energy?
  • All Ambit Customers and Consultants who refer and activate 15 or more qualified customers for Ambit Energy.
  • How is my free Energy credit calculated?
  • Your free energy credit is based on the average daily energy cost of your referral customers, multiplied by the number of days in your current billing cycle. Once you have 15 referrals, we will credit your account or send a check each month.
  • What if one of my referrals is in another state?
  • As long as they are an Ambit customer they still count toward your credit, even in another state.
  • Does my personal electricity account count as one of my 15 qualified Customers to earn Free Energy?
  • No. Since your account is the one earning Free Energy, its own usage will not count toward your Free Energy credit.
  • Ambit energy is an electricity supplier, so what does that mean for you the customer?
  • Customers will continue to pay one bill to Emera or CMP, and their current provider will continue to maintain lines and respond to power outages. Customers will see Ambit listed under Electricity supply on the electric bill.

Earn Free Energy!

Competitive rates, travel rewards, and free energy credits, just by paying your electric bill. Valley Home Services Inc. and Heat Pumps and Ambit Energy, simple savings!

Ready to get started?

We have two heat pumps in our home, and since installing them we’ve had an average savings of $200 a month on our heating bill!

Bill from Hermon, ME

I would like to compliment your company on the people I have dealt with in the purchase and installation of a heat pump system… I hope that I will continue to run into this level of satisfaction as I get older.

Chester from Bucksport, ME

Whether you're looking save on heating and cooling costs with a Fujitsu or Mitsubishi heat pump or wanting to find the best deal for satellite television, we're here with the experience to help!